EMD Show & Tell Session 1: DC Arc – "Un-deviling the Details"

What this session was about:

In this session, we overviewed the design of the first 4 design cycles in our 5-design-cycle signature experience. This included a look at the pre-reading and pre-work; the key goals and desired outcomes for the experience; the agenda and key design elements of our time together with the client; and how we think about our role as facilitators and coaches.

We also shared a bit about how our thinking on the arc has evolved, the key learnings we’ve had along the way, and what pieces are crucial to hold steady to and what others can be customized/improvised based upon the context of the client/situation.

The session was facilitated by Dr. Christine Marie Ortiz Guzman, the founder and CEO of Equity Meets Design and co-author of the equityXdesign framework.

Session recording and slide deck:

  • Find the slick deck here.
  • Check out the recording below. Video watching tips:
    - You can click gear wheel to adjust playback speed, playback quality, etc. 
    - Hit "CC" to turn on captions. 
    - Switch between different topics by hovering your cursor above the segments/"chapters" of the video.

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