Wait, what even is this?!


  • You’re curious about what change towards equity design actually looks like inside an organization 
  • You lead design teams or use design thinking methodologies in your work and you want to transition to an equity-centered design process 
  • You’re considering an equity-design organizational capacity-building engagement for your organization, but want to know what it's actually like to experience equity-centered “design cycles,” and what the resulting shifts can look like
  • You know this work is valuable, but need guidance around getting support for it from your leadership team, and/or you’re curious what it could look like to start the process of equity-design capacity-building at your org by yourself even if you don't have support, budget, or power


  • What we’ve discovered about teaching and facilitating adults, in the context of work, on Zoom, in ways that are counter to the perfectionism, individualism, and performative busyness we’ve been taught/rewarded/praised for in professional settings
  • What we’ve found are best-practices around teaching equitable design specifically – key concepts, what folks need to unlearn, the learning-and-doing order we’ve identified that works best for supporting folks as they acquire equity design skills and mindsets that can feel counterintuitive in the beginning and are often deeply uncomfortable to practice
  • What needs to be true about the learning container we build (and us as facilitators and coaches!) in order to create spaces and facilitations that are safe yet accountable, challenging yet scaffolded
  • What it takes for our work to be more than just skill-building at the individual level, but also something that leads to actual team-wide/whole-organizational shifts AND becomes self-sustaining/replicating long after our engagement is over

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